Recruitment Procedure


Greenland Services Pvt. Ltd follows the procedures set by the Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE) government law. The DOFE sets regulations and guidelines for foreign employment in Nepal, and Greenland Services is committed to adhering to these procedures to ensure compliance with the law. By following the DOFE regulations, Greenland Services is able to operate legally and provide its clients with a smooth and compliant foreign employment process. The DOFE procedures are a critical component of the foreign employment process in Nepal, and Greenland Services recognizes their importance and strives to follow them diligently.

1 Agreement Between Greenland Services and Employer

Greenland Services Pvt. Ltd. makes agreements with employers to outline the terms and conditions of their relationship. These agreements serve as a formal contract and typically detail information such as the types of positions the agency will recruit for, the fee structure for successful placements, and the responsibilities of both parties. Having a clear agreement in place helps both Greenland Services Pvt. Ltd. and the employer to have a clear understanding of their roles and obligations, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and disputes. This leads to a positive and productive relationship between the agency and the employer.


The agreement between Greenland Services Pvt. Ltd. and the employer outlines the terms and conditions of their relationship. As per the agreement, the employer is expected to provide the following documents to Greenland Services Pvt. Ltd.

 Demand Letter: A demand letter for workers must include information on job categories, number of workers, monthly salaries (including currency), period of contract, and worker amenities (food, medical treatment, and accommodation). It should be addressed to Greenland Services, have the company seal and proper authorization. These details ensure the letter is properly formatted and includes all necessary information for hiring workers.

Power of Attorney: Greenland Services Pvt. Ltd. is authorized to supply Nepalese manpower and handle necessary formalities (passports, visas, medical check-ups) through a power of attorney from the principle. This power of attorney must be attested by the Nepalese Embassy and endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of employment. The power of attorney must bear the corporate seal This allows Greenland Services Pvt. Ltd. to act on behalf of the employer corporation.

Employment Contract: The employer and Greenland Services Pvt. Ltd. should have a signed agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the supply of manpower from Nepal. The employer should provide a specimen of an employment contract that includes important details such as salaries, benefits, and working hours. The employment contract between the employer and the candidate should clearly state the terms and conditions of employment, including working hours, overtime, leaves, probation period, accommodation, medical treatment, and catering.

Guarantee Letter: The employer should issue a letter guaranteeing that the workers recruited through Greenland Services Pvt. Ltd. will only be employed in their company and country, and will not be placed in any other company or country during their contract period. This letter should be signed and stamped by the employer.

Agency Agreement: An agreement between the employer and Greenland Services Pvt. Ltd. should be made, outlining the terms and conditions for the supply of manpower from Nepal. This agreement should be signed by both parties to confirm acceptance of the stated terms for the execution of the recruitment process. The agreement should clearly state all important details regarding the recruitment of manpower from Nepal.

The following documents should be made on the employer company’s letterhead with an authorized signature and company seal. These documents must then be verified in accordance with the regulations set by the Nepalese Embassy the and attested by the Nepalese Embassy in the relevant country.

3. Pre-Permission Approval

The Nepalese Embassy is responsible for examining and attesting documents for individuals who are seeking foreign employment. This process involves verifying the authenticity and validity of the documents, and once the documents have been approved, the information about the attestation is immediately sent to relevant authorities in Nepal through the Foreign Employment Information Management System (FEIMS). The FEIMS is a system designed to manage the information related to foreign employment in Nepal and ensures that all the necessary information is recorded and accessible to the relevant authorities. The attestation process helps to ensure that individuals seeking foreign employment have the necessary and valid documents, which is important for protecting the rights of the workers and promoting fair and transparent foreign employment practices.

  1. Advertisements

Greenland Services Pvt. Ltd will handle the advertising of job openings through multiple platforms including a National Daily Newspaper, Village Campaign, FM Radio, online job portals, or its own network. The advertisement will be designed to meet the employer’s requirements and provide all the necessary details about the job and its requirements. The Nepal Labor Act specifies a 7-day period for the advertisement to appear and a 15-day period for candidates to apply. This comprehensive approach to advertising will reach a wide range of potential candidates and provide them with ample opportunity to apply for the job.

  1. Resume collection and screening

Resume collection and screening begins with advertising the job opening and collecting resumes from applicants through various channels. The collected resumes are then screened to identify the most qualified candidates by evaluating them against the position requirements. Only the most suitable candidates, selected from the pool of applicants, will move forward to the next stage of the recruitment process. Tokens are distributed to track the progress of each selected candidate, ensuring a fair and organized recruitment process.

  1. Interview

The interview is a key step in the recruitment process that allows the company to assess the skills and qualifications of the applicants. It typically involves a face-to-face or virtual meeting with a company representative, who will ask questions to assess the candidate’s experience, skills, and suitability for the role. This helps the company to make an informed decision on who to hire. The interview can also give the candidate an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the company and the role they are applying for. In some cases, the interview may be conducted by a third-party agency that specializes in talent acquisition and staffing.

  1. Selection Of Candidates

The selection of candidates for a job position is made after the interview process. The interview allows the company to assess the skills, qualifications, and suitability of the candidates for the role. Based on the insights gathered during the interview, the company decides who to hire for the position. The selection process ensures that the right candidate is chosen for the job and helps the company to build a strong and competent team.


The selected candidate undergoes a medical examination to ensure that they are physically fit to work . This helps to ensure that the candidate is able to perform the required tasks and responsibilities safely and effectively. The medical tests are usually conducted by a certified medical practitioner and can include physical examinations, drug tests, and other relevant tests. The results of the medical tests are taken into consideration along with the interview and other selection criteria other selection criteria, are considered in the final decision for visa application. The selected candidate undergoes a medical examination to ensure that they are physically fit to work.

  1. Visa Application:

The visa is granted by the embassy in Nepal or the working country as per their visa verification system. The visa application process for candidates who are medically fit and available for travel is done by either the employer or the Greenland Services Pvt.Ltd, with the necessary documents such as passport, medical report, and police clearance etc. The work visa enables the candidate to legally work in the country and fulfill their job duties. The process involves presenting all required documentation to the embassy for approval.

The Nepali embassy issues a work permit to the candidate once the visa is approved.

  1. Orientation

The orientation is a pre-departure training for candidates who are about to work abroad. The purpose of orientation is to provide the candidates with information about the country, its culture, traditions, ways of living, rules and regulations, etc. This training is mandatory and provided by a legally registered training agency. The training duration is two days, with a total of 12 hours and 30 minutes, spread over two 6-hour and 30-minute sessions. A maximum of 25 participants can be accommodated in each training session.

  1. Final Labor Approval

The submission of all necessary documents, including the passport, visa, medical report, orientation certificate, and insurance of the worker has been made to the Foreign Employment Information Management System (FEIMS) for final evaluation and immigration clearance. The Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE) performs a comprehensive analysis of the submitted documents and grants final approval. Upon obtaining the Final Employment Approval from FEIMS DOFE of Nepal, the process is considered complete.

  1. Flight booking

After the final Labor Approval, the candidate has completed all necessary documentation, the Greenland Services Pvt.Ltd provides the flight booking dates and names of the candidates who are ready to travel to the employer. This information is then used by the employer to book the flight tickets for the candidates. The purpose of booking the flight in advance is to ensure that the candidates have a confirmed travel plan. The flight booking information is communicated to the candidates as well, so that they are aware of the travel arrangements and can prepare accordingly. In some cases, Greenland Services may book the travel arrangements for the candidates and communicate the flight information to the employer.


Greenland Services gather all the candidates for pre-departure orientation where Greenland Services informs candidates about the flight schedules, airlines, baggage allowances, transit (if applicable), and other important details such as cultural norms, the employer’s policies, labor laws of the destination country, traffic regulations, working conditions, health and safety considerations, and other relevant information. At the same time, we also send the confirmed flight schedule to the employer for their pickup from the airport.


  1. Confirmation Of Arrival

Upon the candidates’ departure, Greenland Services confirms their arrival at the destination country through email, phone calls, or messages. The employer is responsible for receiving the employees at the airport and confirming their receipt with Greenland Services. This confirmation is crucial in ensuring smooth communication and tracking of the candidates’ transition to their place of employment.