Documents Required

Employers must provide the following documentation, officially attested by the relevant authorities:

Demand Letter
The demand letter must address Greenland Services and provide information on the number of workers, the job categories, the compensation structure, the number of workers, the job categories, food, lodging, worker insurance, and transportation facilities. Demand letters must have the company seal and be authorized once more, and they must be attested by the ministry of foreign affairs chamber of commerce in the concerned nation.

Power of Attorney
Greenland Services Pvt. Ltd. is legally permitted to act on behalf of the employer corporation thanks to a power of attorney. A power of attorney must bear the corporate seal and an unauthorized signature, and it must be attested by the concerned nation’s ministry of foreign affairs or chamber of commerce.

Employment Contract
This agreement, which must include all of the terms and conditions pertaining to each employee as stated in the demand letter, must be given by the employing firm to Greenland Services Pvt. Ltd. This agreement must be signed by the designated signatory and bear the corporate seal.

Service Agreement
The employing company must deliver this agreement document to Greenland Services Pvt. Ltd., and it must be stamped with the business seal and signed by an authorized representative. This is an understanding between the hiring corporation and the Nepali recruiting firm.

Guarantee Letter
This is a letter of assurance from the hiring firm regarding the employee’s overall care. Guarantee letters must have the corporate seal and an authorized signature, and they must be attested by the concerned nation’s foreign ministry or chamber of commerce.